Top Choice Manila Yacht Party

25 Guests
3 Hours
This 70-foot party yacht has all the bells and whistles you’ll need for your next big event. It has a huge main deck for open-air parties, an air-conditioned saloon, and three cabins for maximum comfort for the passengers. For company presentations, we provide visual assistance and sound systems. A 32″ LCD Display and a PA Sound System are among the visual aids. This boat is perfect for intimate weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events. We usually set up the bar on the sundeck with an amazing 360 view over the ocean. We can also organize a complete DJ/Acoustic and Soundsystem set up for unforgettable parties. Catering is usually set up on the lower deck.
  • All-inclusive rate of fuel, crew, food, liquors, sound system, photo/video coverage.
Special Features
Premium Drinks
Indulge your palate by selecting your preferred dining option: savor an expansive all-course buffet, delight in a diverse cocktail buffet, enjoy a delectable grazing table, or share your specific culinary desires with us. Your dining experience, your way.
Your Dining Preference
Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury aboard our exquisite yacht, where the finest premium liquors complement the enchanting backdrop of a sunset cruise. Elevate your experience with the perfect blend of opulence and natural beauty.
Lights & Sounds
Experience uninterrupted nightlife with our state-of-the-art lights and sound system on board. Keep the party going after sunset in an ambiance that's second to none.
Sing along on a Sunset Cruise
Immerse yourself in vibrant vibes as you join our onboard jam and sing-along sessions, enhancing your scenic vistas with the backdrop of perfectly curated music. Elevate your experience, groove to the rhythms, and embrace the panoramic views like never before.
Capture your Cruising moment
Seize the moments and bask in the embrace of a picturesque sunset aboard Manila's most luxurious yacht. Capture unforgettable memories as you revel in the breathtaking panoramic views, creating a cherished experience that will linger in your heart.
Video Tour
Add ons
Classic Buffet Options
Delight in a classic buffet featuring a wide array of exquisite dishes. Relish choices from salads to desserts, all prepared with high-quality ingredients. Discover different cuisines in a cozy setting, ideal for any gathering.
All Occasion Buffet Options
Celebrate every occasion at our All Occasion Buffet. Relish a varied menu in an elegant ambiance for an unparalleled and unforgettable dining experience. Ensure every celebration is outstanding and memorable with us.
Cocktail Buffet Option
Elevate your occasions with our Cocktail Buffet Option. Savor a variety of small bites in a calm, stylish environment, guaranteeing a delightful and memorable experience for all attendees.
Grazing Table Options
Discover elegance with our Grazing Table Option. Delight in assorted gourmet bites and easy conversation, bringing a unique and friendly atmosphere to every event.
Mobile Bar Options
Upgrade your event with our Mobile Bar Option. Relish a range of beverages served by skilled bartenders. Our mobile bar brings ease and elegance to any festivity, guaranteeing all attendees access to their drink of choice for a smooth experience.
Photo and Video Coverage Options
Seize every moment with our Photo and Video Coverage service. Our team guarantees top-quality and imaginative visuals, providing a perpetual memento of your event to cherish eternally.
Lights and Sound System Option
Seize every moment with our Photo and Video Coverage service. Our team guarantees top-quality and imaginative visuals, providing a perpetual memento of your event to cherish eternally.
Other Add-Ons
Upgrade your boat event with our Boat Styling and Hair and Makeup Option. Our team will beautify your boat and elevate your guests' appearance, ensuring a smooth, stylish, and unforgettable event experience.
Corkage Fees
A corkage fee is a nominal charge that venues impose upon guests who opt to bring their own suppliers. This fee is instituted to offset service costs and potential lost revenue, ensuring that guests are able to enjoy their own drinks while the venue sustains its commitment to providing a seamless and superior event experience.
Terms & Rules

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