Girard-Perregaux "Tourbillon With Three Flying Bridges": A new exceptional model at €157,000

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Posted on 10 September 2021 by The Luxe Guide

The Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux has just unveiled an exceptional new tourbillon model with three flying bridges.

It was in 1867 that the Haute Horlogerie manufacture Girard-Perregaux unveiled its first Tourbillon under three bridges. Going at that time against the conventions and rules established in luxury watchmaking, the three bridges, which are usually hidden because they are not aesthetically pleasing, are here highlighted and sublimated. It is then understandable that the Girard-Perregaux House wants to show what previously remained invisible within a watch.

This "Tourbillon under three Flying Bridges" is here equipped with three Neo Bridges in rose gold, a first for the brand that had never used this material in such use before. The upper and lower surfaces of the rose gold bridges are clad in black PVD and only the thin vertical flanks of each bridge are exposed to the eye, revealing their noble composition.

Here, each bridge is painstakingly hand-angled using a small piece of boxwood, a technique that has been used for centuries. A full day of work is necessary for an experienced craftsman in order to achieve a perfect finish. The three bridges not only support the gear train, the barrel and the Tourbillon, they also act as a platinum. These bridges seem to be weightless, as if they were insensitive to the laws of gravitation.

By equipping the Tourbillon under three flying bridges with two sapphire "box" windows, the Manufacture gives the model a harmonious symmetry. Under its contemporary air, the Tourbillon under three Flying Bridges uses many traditional techniques of Haute Horlogerie. A model that is sold at the price of 157.000 €.

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