Luxury Hotels Leading The Way To Solar Power

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Posted on 20 December 2020 by The Luxe Guide

From luxury hotels, resorts, and everything in-between, hospitality businesses see a great opportunity in installing solar panels to reduce their operating costs and avoid grid disconnection.

Hotels all around the world are making massive efforts to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. From using less electricity, water to building with sustainable materials, there seem to be endless options for properties to minimize their environmental impact with renewables. 

As many eco-conscious travelers are keeping tabs on their CO2 flight emissions, avoiding grid disconnection by purchasing carbon offsets and installing renewables, luxurious hotels take a leap into this new power. Hotels are one of the top industries where the installation of solar products and plants can initiate a significant change in the condition of the environment. Going ultimately with solar energy will benefit not only the business but also the environment. 


They are putting solar on the menu.

Have you imagined how many rooms, facilities, areas, restaurants need lightning, screens, heating, or cooling to keep guests comfortable? That's it. Hotels take up so much energy. Unlike other businesses or areas, luxurious hotels use electricity at a higher level. 


This will not only end to an extravagant electricity bill but also harms the climatic conditions. In recent news, some luxurious hotels around the world have included solar energy as part of their strategy. In fact, Finolhu Villas Solar Resort by Yuji Yamazaki for Club Med is said to be powered entirely by solar. Also, Courtyard by Marriott-Lancaster is now 100% solar and this Pennsylvania hotel already installed 2700 solar panels on the roof. 


Solar energy products have benefited many sectors, including, hotels and restaurants up until now. Moreover, it has more advantages than your imagination! If you are still not impressed with them, then below mentioned are some of the perks of installing solar, especially on luxurious hotels.


Grid-Connected System

Many prefer to power their homes and businesses without any connection to the electricity grid. However, some mostly prefer the advantages of grid-connection offers. Specifically on, luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, many would want to have the best services upon their stay. And to deliver that quality of business, grid-disconnection must be avoided. How?


A grid-connected system allows you to power your home or small business with renewable energy when the sun is shining, the water is running, or the wind is blowing. Any excess electricity you produce is fed back into the grid. When renewable resources are unavailable, electricity from the grid supplies your needs, eliminating the expense of electricity storage devices like batteries.


Does solar energy save money for hotels?

Solar energy doesn't only allow luxury hotels and resorts to save more money. They also eliminate their energy bills. With this kind of investment, green branding for hotels will improve and make enough for a partial reduction. The diversity of hotels with solar panels makes one thing clear. Almost any luxury hotel has enough potential to benefit from solar energy, and it is at least worth looking into to see how the costs and projected long-term savings work out.


Other Advantages To Look Out

  • Solar energy helps hotels improve the customer experience.
  • The quiet and clean operation has a positive impact on hotel guest experience,
  • The venue can achieve a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Improves the hotel's media and public perception.
  • It frees up money to re-invest in the hotel.


Achieving Balance Between Luxury and Sustainability

Blending luxury and sustainability has been achieved by other hotels around the United States, but what about here in the Philippines? Although there are existing hotels who've decided to be 100% solar-powered, this is the time for your luxurious hotel to invest too! 


Travelers and guests would be likely to stay in hotels that have a variety of green-friendly practices, including reduced electricity usage and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. And one of the key indicators is renewable energy. Be one of the few hotels that compromise on luxury and comfort with solar energy. 


Is Your Hotel Suitable for Solar Power?

Luxury hotels use far more energy than most other businesses with similar-sized structures. This is due to the reason that they operate more several power-hungry systems. Thereby, the potential with solar power container is very high for saving large amounts of money. 


Solar is inflation-proof energy production.

If you have a hotel in the Philippines, get on a call with Reurasia Management Corporation, and see how your numbers pencil out.


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