The Best Innovative and Luxury Smoking Products You Can Buy Today

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Posted on 25 January 2022 by The Luxe Guide

If you like to live your life in style, you probably want to go all the way in everything you do. This can include travel, shopping, dining — and partaking in the nicotine products of your choice.

Today, there are more than just cigars and vintage pipes on the luxury market. More innovative and stylish products are now available for your perusal. For those who would rather not smoke in any form, there are nicotine patches and pouches. As per Nature, electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products are also among the popular items today. There are also numerous interesting accessories that can enhance your experience with these products.

With so many different options to choose from, you're bound to find something that suits your particular preferences and lifestyle. To give you a head start though, here are a few innovative and luxury products you might like.

Hermès mosaique au 24 gold ashtray

Those with a penchant for interior design may enjoy this offering from the globally renowned luxury goods company Hermès. This piece features Greek-style mosaic patterns done in Limoges porcelain and gold accents, all resting on a goatskin velvet base. Inspired by the interiors of the original Hermès store in Paris's Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the ashtray offers form, function, and a little bit of history to owners who want a stylish place to rest a cigarette or extinguish a stub.

Credit: @flaviastuttgen on Instagram


Velo nicotine pouches

The Velo nicotine pouches are among the more innovative items on the list. Filled with fibers and added nicotine, they can be placed discreetly behind the upper lip without staining the mouth. And while they represent something of an emerging market, Prilla believes that they will continue to be a viable (and increasingly trendy) option for consumers moving forward.

This is largely because Velo pouches offer an array of nicotine concentrations –– making it easy to control consumption –– as well as a variety of interesting flavors. Perhaps most importantly though, Velo pouches offer a worthy alternative for those venturing into non-smoking establishments (nice restaurants, theaters, etc.) for extended periods.

Credit: @microcosmos_photography


Brooks Brothers velvet tuxedo jackets

Velvet is the fabric of choice for keeping the smell of smoke off your other garments. That's why fashion-forward individuals might like the range of velvet jackets available from Brooks Brothers. Founded in 1818, the company has plenty of experience with hand-tailoring smoking jackets from cotton velvet (and finishing with a pure silk lining). The company also offers one-button velvet tuxedo jackets woven with cotton and a touch of stretch. All in all, you can't ask for a more stylish way to go out for a puff (or some vapor, if that's your style).

Credit: @brooksbrothers on Instagram


IQOS heated tobacco

Another innovative product you may find interesting is IQOS's heated tobacco device. This is more similar to a traditional cigarette in providing tobacco flavor. However, it heats tobacco instead of burning it, resulting in a smokeless experience with minimal smell. The IQOS device also boasts a streamlined, elegant, and very portable design. You may thus find it a good companion on trips –– whether to the nearest beach or to luxury destinations like those recommended in our Luxury Travels Magazine.

Credit: @heets_alexandrept on Instagram


Savinelli Miele honey tobacco pipe

Those who prefer to go old-school know that choosing the "best pipe" is a subjective matter –– and are therefore always looking for new ones to try! Italian pipe maker Savinelli Miele offers a particularly intriguing briar pipe. Its chambers are lightly seasoned with honey for a smoother break-in. The honey theme is also present in honeycomb accents, a golden chestnut polish, and a tamper designed like a honey dipper. This honey tobacco pipe may just be the "sweetest" addition to your pipe collection.

As the market for nicotine and tobacco products expands, it may become all the more challenging to select the very best items to suit your preferences. But we hope that this curated list helps you in your search!

Credit: @tabaccheria_riggio on Instagram



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