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Floral Island

24 Guest(s)
8 Bedroom(s)
9 Bathroom(s)

Floral Island Resort is an idyllic sanctuary located in the heart of Palawan's untouched natural beauty. This private island rental provides a unique escape, combining luxury, privacy, and the raw allure of the Philippines' most breathtaking landscapes.


Renting this private island for a night opens the door to a unique experience where luxury meets nature's untouched splendor. This idyllic retreat also offers you and your loved ones the chance to enjoy the island's bespoke accommodations, each designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, providing comfort and luxury amidst breathtaking scenery.


From the moment the sun rises over the crystal-clear waters until it sets in a spectacular display of colors, Floral Island is your private oasis. Indulge in personalized services and activities tailored to your preferences—whether it's snorkeling among vibrant coral reefs, enjoying a romantic dinner on the beach, or simply unwinding by the infinity pool with a view of the endless sea.


Minimum Night Rental:
1 Night(s)

Special Features

Whether you prefer a laidback and picturesque setting or a romantic and private dinner. Floral Island offers dining services for every traveler.
Here at Floral Island, we advocate holistic living and wellness, making it the perfect luxury retreat for relaxing activities like yoga and meditation.
We offer a range of island activities such as eco-tours, snorkeling, and yoga sessions for you to enjoy your stay in Floral Island. Explore nearby islands and swin with giant sea turtles for a unique and memorable experience.


  • Guest Access: We can charter a third-party van transport for your group going to Caniqui Wharf, from El Nido Airport or Puerto Princesa Airport. Travel time from El Nido Airport is 1 hour, while travel time from Puerto Princesa Airport is 4 hours. From Caniqui Wharf, we provide the parking lot (if you have a vehicle) and the 10 to 15-minute boat transfer to Floral Island Resort.
  • Private Villas: Stay in one of our elegantly designed villas, each offering modern amenities, stunning sea views, and traditional Filipino touches. With comfortable accommodations for groups of various sizes, you'll find the perfect space to unwind.
  • Exclusive Beaches: The island boasts several private beaches with powdery white sands and gentle azure waves, making it ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and beachside relaxation.

Food & Beverage

Savor the flavors of the Philippines with meals prepared by our in-house chef, using the freshest local ingredients. Enjoy private dining under the stars or by the sea for an unforgettable culinary experience.


Outdoor BBQ
Wine Cooler
Personal chef
Private Garden
Private Beach
Beach front


P42,500 per night

What's Included

Floral Island offers several amenities and accommodations that you and your loved ones can enjoy during your stay. These include an open-air restaurant, seven beachfront rooms, and one honeymoon cottage by the cliff, which we can host up to 24 guests. We also have refreshing drinks and wine, bonfire and smores, a floating raft, a diving board, and a lovely massage hut.

In addition, we provide boat transfers, free use of kayaks, paddle boats, high speed internet, solar power, private showers, healthy and fresh meals from Palawan’s fishing capital. Ice-cold drinks, fans, and the sea will cool you throughout the day, while the sea breeze will rock you to sleep at night.

Moreover, you can request a sunset cruise, island hopping, waterfalls exploration, and even yoga retreats as  premium services . You may also hike to the top of the limestone cliff and have a rewarding 360 degree view of the island and the beautiful bay.


Reference Number: 201141813

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