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Category: Fashion
Established: 1992

In the year 1992, British couturier Lee Alexander McQueen established the fashion label in his name. At 28 years old, he had collected experience under his belt. He was hailed 'British Designer of the Year' in 1996. After that, he took on the job as head designer in the French luxury couture brand Givenchy. 


Despite the touches and influences of the modern fashion industry, the traditional techniques of tailoring are still present inside the brand's core. Craftsmanship and innovative ideas are woven into each fabric that goes into the making of a bespoke suit. The brand has a wide collection of products which include but are not limited to suits, corporate attire, footwear, handbags, jewelry, and bags. Up until now, Alexander McQueen is iconic for its innovative clothing and catwalks that do not lack the high fashion shocking factor. 


This eponymous brand is known for its dauntlessness. The pieces evoke "darkly romantic" elements presented with outlandish imagery. Alexander McQueen was a designer to be reckoned with, debuting an awfully unconventional pair of shorts he named "bumster". He immediately garnered media recognition for the pants that hardly left anything to imagine about the behind. Moreover, Alexander McQueen dressed the likes of Madonna, David Bowie, and even Prince Charles. 




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