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About Hermes

Established: 1837


The famous French luxury goods manufacturer, much like many luxury brands, started in a different field. The family business used to make horse-riding related leather goods and saddles for the European nobility. Little by little, they expanded their products to supply newer demands like riders' bags for saddles and the first golden leather jacket for Prince Edward of Wales. The iconic handbags we know today, we owe to Émile-Maurice Hermès wife who did not find a proper bag to her liking. 


There is always impeccable attention to detail, never-ending desire for improvement, and the goal of refinement. It is in these values that enabled the brand to stand the test of time. According to the current CEO, Axel Dumas, the love for craftsmanship is the source of the company's strength.


Each piece of their world-renowned bags are handcrafted inside the same shop where skilled craftsmen have been producing excellent leather goods since 1837, ensuring quality products. Every stitch is done by hand with the greatest precision. There is a luxurious appeal in every product as each step in the production is meticulously worked on to perfection. A single Hermès piece is an investment that increases in worth as the days go by.

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