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Philippines UNESCO World Heritage
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14 Days
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The Philippines, not only home to the beautiful beaches and secluded islands is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage.
Starting up the tour within the capital city of Manila to get the feel of the country's Spanish heritage. Travel up to be a breathtaking view of the Banaue Rice Terraces and spend much leisure in Palawan, where you will find the world's longest passable underwater river in Puerto Princesa.

Experience the luxury of discovering historical travel destinations in the Philippines.

Best time to travel between the months of November to May.


Day 1 - Arrival in Manila
Upon arrival in Manila, you will be greeted and escorted by a luxury car to your accommodation in Manila.
The remainder of your day will be spent at leisure.

Day 2  - Manila Visit
Visit around Intramuros and spend the day with the most famous Bamboo Bike tour

Day 3  -  Trip to Banaue
Today we drive 9 hours to Banaue, a picturesque municipality famous for its UNESCO-protected rice terraces. On the way, we stop in Pampanga for a gastronomic treat courtesy of Chef Claude Tayag. This renowned chef/artist/author serves up an exclusive meal of innovative Pampanga cuisine. The evening shall be spent in Banaue - the Banaue Hotel is one recommended option, offering breathtaking views over the rice terraces terrain.

Day 4 - Banaue Batad
To really experience the beauty and majesty of the rice fields, we take a leisurely hike through the paradise of Bangaan and Hapao and take in these steeply terraced valleys from the Viewpoint. After a full day of exploring the area on foot, retreat to your hotel and enjoy dinner with unbeatable mountain views.

Day 5 - Transfer to Sagada
Today, we travel to the small town of Sagada in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. On the way, we visit the area’s caves and the famous Hanging Coffins. For the adventurous, there’s cave exploring and spelunking at Sumaguing Cave, full of fascinating limestone formations.

Day 6 - Sagada Falls
Explore the Bomod-ok Falls and spend a light trek day

Day 7 - Baguio
3 AM Morning departure to Baguio. In the morning we begin our trip to Baguio City, taking in the beautiful mountain scenery on the way. Baguio’s cool mountain air has made it a popular getaway for Filipinos for centuries, and it’s full of village charm, despite its size. We visit the city markets and head to artist Benedict Cabrera’s Gallery to appreciate work by the Philippines’ greatest contributor to modern art. Tonight, we check into a luxury Baguio hotel - The Manor at Camp John Hay is a great choice with its beautifully-restored interiors.

Day 8 - Flight to Palawan
Starting again early morning for a transfer to Clark Airport. Direct flight to Puerto Princesa. As soon as we touch down in Palawan, we enjoy a lunch with local flavor at Badjao restaurant in the capital, Puerto Princesa. After that, take a bicycle tour of the city and take in the Plaza Cuartel and Mendoza Park and Museum. Browse the local markets, then it’s time for a dinner meal at Ka Lui’s, the most famous restaurant in the city. Take a cruise on the Iwahig River to see fireflies and bioluminescent plankton, and gaze at the stars before checking into your luxurious hotel for the night. We suggest the modern Hotel Centro, located in the middle of the city.

Day 9 - Underground River
Today is all about adventure. You’ll start by embarking on a river cruise through Palawan’s famous subterranean caves. This unforgettable tour showcases one of the Philippines’ most amazing national treasures. After that, it’s a hike up 150-meter high Ugong Rock with knowledgeable guides. This 23-million-year-old limestone karst formation is riddled with natural caves, and once you reach the summit, you can zipline down to your starting point. At night, recuperate at Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort.

Day 10 to 13  - El Nido
Will start the day early, indulge in the sumptuous breakfast, and spend the remaining days of leisure in the most relaxing place in Palawan, El Nido.

Day 14  -  Return to Manila
Flight back to Manila.

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