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Explore our listings of luxury aircraft, planes, jets, and helicopters for rent and contact the rental agency now. Renting or chartering a private aircraft in Philippines has never been this easy. Whether it’s for work, leisure, private purposes, or chartering, we aim to be the leading Global Luxury Directory index for Luxury Aircrafts rentals. Discover a selection of jets from our finest partners.

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LXV has meticulously selected the finest professionals in the Philippines. Join our network and gain access to an exclusive, international clientele in the luxury market.

Aircrafts For Charter in the Philippines

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Looking for a helicopter for rent? We have a wide selection of helicopters to choose from. Whether you need a helicopter for business or pleasure, we have the perfect one for you.

Private Jet & Planes

Looking for a unique and exclusive way to travel? Check out our selection of private jets and planes for rent. We have a variety of aircraft to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a helicopter for a quick trip or a private jet for a longer journey, we have you covered.


Looking for a unique way to travel? Why not rent a seaplane? Our planes are available for both short and long trips, so you can explore the world from a whole new perspective. Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking an aircraft charter with LXV Lifestyle is simple. You can reach out to our dedicated team, and they will assist you with all aspects of the booking process. We will discuss your travel requirements, preferences, and schedule to provide you with the best options and a seamless booking experience.

At LXV Lifestyle, safety is our utmost priority. We ensure the highest standards of aviation safety by partnering with reputable operators and experienced pilots who hold all necessary certifications. Our aircraft are regularly maintained and undergo rigorous safety checks to guarantee a secure and worry-free flight experience for our clients.

Renting an aircraft charter with LXV Lifestyle in the Philippines offers an exclusive travel experience. Our charter services provide convenient travel, bypassing the hassles of commercial flights. With LXV Lifestyle, you can access remote and beautiful destinations that are often inaccessible through regular air travel, ensuring a truly unique and luxurious journey.