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Discover the essence of customized journeys with LXV’s luxury travel Philippines packages.

We elevate luxury travel in the Philippines to new heights by creating unique experiences. From exciting adventures to serene beach retreats, our commitment to excellence guarantees a trip that goes beyond the ordinary.

Ready to explore the beauty of the Philippines like never before? See our tailor-made luxury travel packages below:

Our Luxury Travel Philippines Packages


Speak with our travel experts and we’ll customize a package just for you.

Types of Luxury Travels in the Philippines

luxury circuits yacht cruises journeys philippines

Luxury Circuits

Sail on a week-long journey in Palawan or Visayas and explore its pristine islands with our luxury circuits.

Yacht Charters

Discover the beauty of the Philippines or celebrate a special event in luxury and exclusivity with our yacht charters.

yacht charters philippines cruises and journeys
luxury honeymoon philippines travel

Philippine Honeymoons

Celebrate your romantic honeymoon in the Philippines with our customized travel packages and itineraries.

Luxury Day Tours and Experiences

Explore the top destinations and secluded islands, and create lasting memories with our tailor-made Philippine tours.

bespoke philippines tours
liveaboards philippines luxury travels

Liveaboards Philippines

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Philippines and immerse in the vibrant marine life with our liveaboard rentals.

Types of Luxury Retreats for Rent in the Philippines

Private Islands For Rent

Immerse in ultimate secluded luxury with our private islands for rent in the Philippines.

Luxury Villas For Rent

Step into a world of beauty and exclusive luxury with our’ selection of luxury villas for rent.

Luxury Island Resorts

Experience luxury and paradise at the Philippines’ luxury island resorts, where exquisite beauty meets serenity.


The best time to visit the Philippines for luxury travel is during the dry season, which spans from November to AprilYou can expect pleasant weather conditions, which are best for beachside relaxation and other outdoor activities.

Some of the most popular luxury destinations in the Philippines include Palawan, Boracay, Batanes, and Siargao. Each place offers its own unique charm and luxurious accommodations.

Yes, absolutely! Solo travelers can choose from many available luxury travel options.


Some accommodations they can enjoy include private guided tours, gourmet dining, and handmade itineraries. This also combines the freedom of solo traveling with the comfort and luxury of travel experiences.

Traveling to the Philippines can be quite affordable. The cost of accommodations like food and activities can vary, but there are many options for every budget. Travelers can also find budget-friendly hotels and local meals. However, the costs of these accommodations can be higher during peak travel seasons.

Why plan your luxury travel in the Philippines with LXV?

Privacy and Exclusivity

Renting a luxury yacht or private island with LXV allows you and your group to enjoy it all to yourselves. This ensures a secluded and exclusive experience away from the crowds and prying eyes.

Activities and Experiences

We offer exclusive activities and experiences to make your stay unforgettable. From yacht charters to private beach parties, there is something for every traveler.

Meticulous Planning

Whether you prefer relaxing, enjoying water sports, or lounging in your surroundings, our expert travel planners will work closely with you to customize an itinerary that meets your desires.

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