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Discover the stunning landscapes of Palawan and the Visayas with our charter boats as your gateway to discovering the natural beauty, pristine waters, and hidden treasures of these breathtaking regions.

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Travel Designers

Did Novo

CEO and Travel Designer

As CEO and Luxury Travel Designer, Did Novo brings 18 years of experience in the travel and events industry to create unforgettable, high-end experiences in the Philippines. A pioneer in luxury charters, Did is known for crafting extraordinary itineraries that go beyond the typical tourist attractions, ensuring diversity and excitement at every turn. For Did, service and satisfaction are paramount, and he takes pride in delivering personalized, VIP treatment to each and every client.


Luxury Travel Specialist

Ambre will be your dedicated Luxury Travel Designer in the Philippines, is driven by a passion for high-end travel and yachting. With a background in the luxury jewelry industry in Paris and London, she brings a refined sense of style and sophistication to her bespoke itineraries. As your reference contact, Ambre delivers exceptional service, designs personalized experiences, and ensures an extraordinary journey with her extensive local knowledge, VIP access, and attention to detail. Let her passion for the Philippines guide you on a sophisticated luxury adventure.


At LXV, we specialize in creating customized itineraries to meet our clients’ specific needs and preferences. However, we also offer a selection of carefully curated circuits and cruises that showcase the best of the Philippines, with optimized transfers and logistics. These popular itineraries are designed to provide an unforgettable experience, highlighting the country’s most sought-after destinations and hidden gems. Let us help you plan your dream vacation and discover the wonders of the Philippines in style and comfort.



Set sail from Coron to El Nido on the luxurious Sunreef 60 Loft Catamaran, blending relaxation with exhilarating adventures. This voyage offers a journey steeped in elegance, comfort, and memorable moments. Relish privileged access to secluded islands, where tranquility and discovery reign.


Luxury Cruise Busuanga Palawan | Sunreef 60 Loft

Step aboard and cruise through Coron’s islands. Witness firsthand the island’s unparalleled beauty, from its crystal-clear turquoise waters to its preserved coral sanctuaries. Bask in the tranquil allure of this tropical paradise.


At LXV, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive access to some of the most private and sought-after properties in the Philippines. Our collection includes stunning luxury private islands and some of the most opulent villas in the country, each handpicked for their exceptional quality and unique charm. Let us help you plan your dream getaway and experience the ultimate in luxury and privacy in the Philippines.

We value our clients and know exactly what will suit you more and how to implement your most creative ideas into reality to enhance your natural looks and make you look gorgeous whenever you go! Trust us to make you look special!




LXV Proudly Hosts Syngenta’s Spectacular Event on ‘Happy Life’ Yacht

LXV Proudly Hosts Syngenta’s Spectacular Event on ‘Happy Life’ Yacht

Discover how Syngenta hosted a memorable corporate event on LXV's 'Happy Life' yacht at the Manila Yacht Club. Experience luxury, top-notch amenities, and seamless service…
New Estate for Sale: Own Taytay Island in Palawan!

New Estate for Sale: Own Taytay Island in Palawan!

Explore the stunning lagoons, reefs, and luxurious amenities with our new marketing video on this spectacular island for sale in Palawan.
New Video: Palawan Private Cruise

New Video: Palawan Private Cruise

https://youtu.be/fkhprIjgTNk New Video: Explore Palawan on a Private Cruise Explore the Beauty of Palawan with Our New Private Cruises Video!   We are thrilled to…



Yes, you can choose the duration of your yacht cruise in Palawan or Visayas. Depending on the charter company and availability, it can range from a few days to several weeks. This flexibility allows you to tailor your cruise to your preferences, whether it’s a short getaway or an extended exploration of the Philippines.

Yes, many yacht charters provide equipment for guests to use. These may include snorkeling gear, paddleboards, kayaks, and sometimes even jet skis or fishing gear. 

We recommend checking with your specific yacht charter to confirm the availability of water sports equipment and any additional charges that may apply.

While we offer gourmet catering options as part of our packages, we are open to accommodating your preferred catering service. Kindly discuss your culinary preferences with our team during the planning process.

Cruises in the Philippines typically visit numerous destinations, such as popular ports like Manila, Boracay, Palawan (including Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Coron), Cebu, Bohol, Subic Bay, and Davao. 

To add, the exact cruise route may vary depending on the cruise line and duration of the trip, with some cruises exploring more remote and less-visited islands in the archipelago.

Why Choose LXV for Your Yacht Cruise Vacation in the Philippines?

Unmatched Luxury

LXV Yacht Cruises is similar to luxury and excellence. Our fleet and yacht charters offer the best comfort, style, and elegance for your journey.

Expert Crew

Our team of professional and experienced crew members provides exceptional service throughout your cruise. From knowledgeable guides to expert chefs, they ensure that they tailor every aspect of your charter to your desires.

Customizable itineraries

We understand that every traveler is unique. That’s why we offer fully customizable itineraries, allowing you to tailor your cruise experience to your preferences.

Access to Exclusive Spots

With LXV, you gain access to some of the most exclusive and secluded spots in Palawan and the Visayas, ensuring privacy and serenity during your cruise.

Safety and reliability

We meet international maritime standards and maintain our yachts to the highest quality, ensuring you a safe and worry-free journey.