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Premier Luxury Real Estate Projects in the Philippines

The Philippines, with its stunning landscapes and rapidly growing economy, has become a hotspot for luxury real estate. From towering skyscrapers in the heart of bustling cities to serene beachfront villas, the country offers a variety of opulent living options for those who seek the finest in luxury and comfort. In this guide, we explore the best luxury real estate projects across the Philippines, each offering unique amenities, world-class design, and the ultimate lifestyle experience.

Our Selection of Luxury Estate Developments

Estate Development

8,440 Sqm
558 Unit(s)
A Vertical Gated Village for the Modern Era A new era requires new thinking.
First Delivery: August 1, 2030
Full Delivery: September 1, 2030

Price starts at: 


up to


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LXV has meticulously selected the finest professionals in the Philippines. Join our network and gain access to an exclusive, international clientele in the luxury market.


These projects are distinguished by their prime locations, innovative design, world-class amenities, and exceptional service, offering a lifestyle not just a residence.

While the dry season is the most popular time for yacht rentals in the Philippines, the wet season from May to October can also offer unique opportunities for adventure.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential challenges and plan accordingly.

Yes, most developers offer a range of financing options, including bank loans and developer-assisted financing, to help make luxury living accessible.

Security is paramount, with 24/7 surveillance, gated entrances, and in some cases, private security details to ensure the safety and privacy of residents.

Foreign nationals can own condominium units as long as foreign ownership in a single project does not exceed 40%. However, they are not allowed to own land but can lease it for long periods.

Before purchasing a Luxury Estate Development in the Philippines

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