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Grady White 300 Speedboat

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Renting a Grady White 300 Speedboat from Busuanga offers an exhilarating way to explore the stunning beauty of Busuanga, Coron Island, and beyond. This speedboat, measuring 33 feet in length, is a perfect blend of power and luxury.

With its impressive 600 hp engines, it cruises comfortably at 25 knots, reaching a maximum speed of 40 knots, allowing you to swiftly reach destinations like El Nido or any secluded island in Linapacan. Built in 2003, this vessel combines reliability with modern amenities. Despite its speed, it's designed for comfort, accommodating up to 12 guests.

Notably, it includes convenient facilities such as toilets and a cabin, ensuring a comfortable journey for all onboard. This speedboat rental is an ideal choice for those looking to experience the breathtaking archipelago with speed, comfort, and style.


Year Built:


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Exclusive Rental Only for 9 hours


Environmental Fees & Other Fees for Activities:

Coron Island Tour

  • Kayangan Lake - Php 300/head
  • Twin Lagoon - Php 200/head
  • Barracuda Lake - Php 200/head
  • Skeleton Wreck - Php 200/head
  • Balinsasayaw Reef - Php 150/head
  • Twin Peaks Coral Garden - Php150/head
  • Banol Beach - Php150/head
  • Atwayan beach - Php150/head
  • Smith beach - Php150/head
  • Cyc beach - Free

Beach Destinations - Php 250/head

  • Malcapuya island
  • Ditaytayan Sandbar
  • Banana Island
  • Bulog Dos
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