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Celebrate life’s milestones and occasions with LXV Yacht Events Philippines, the perfect backdrop for your private yacht event.

We specialize in creating special moments in the pristine waters of the Philippines, which is home to some of the most beautiful seascapes and coastlines. Our fleet of exclusive yacht rentals also makes the ideal setting for every occasion, from intimate gatherings, and corporate events, to grand parties.

Contact our expert team today to find the perfect yacht rental and make your dream event a reality.

Our Yacht Events and Parties in the Philippines

Choose among our selected luxury boats and yachts for rent for your private events in Manila, Cebu, or any other location within the Philippines.


30 Guest(s)
4 Hour(s)
Embark on a unique wedding celebration aboard a luxury superyacht in Manila. Contact us to discover more about our exclusive package.


/ 4 Hours


20 Guest(s)
2 Hour(s)
Celebrate your party in style on our 70-foot party yacht in Manila Bay, available for rent and big enough to host 25 people. It's the ultimate venue for an unforgettable celebration!


/ Package


25 Guest(s)
3 Hour(s)
Celebrate your party in style on our 70-foot party yacht in Manila Bay, available for rent and big enough to host 25 people. It's the ultimate venue for an unforgettable celebration!


/ 3 Hours


Aegis image 3
30 Guest(s)
4 Hour(s)
Consider our exclusive yacht rental in Manila for an elegant celebration. The 113ft Party Yacht offers luxury, stunning views of Manila Bay, and space for up to 30 guests. Perfect for birthdays, anniv...


/ 4 Hours


30 Guest(s)
4 Hour(s)
Seeking a luxurious escape on Manila Bay? Our 120-foot superyacht boasts lavish amenities and breathtaking views for private yacht events. Secure your booking now and treat yourself to unparalleled lu...


/ 4 Hours

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Why Should You Celebrate a Yacht Event in the Philippines?

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Breathtaking Scenery

Renting a yacht offers a picturesque backdrop of the Philippines for your special event. Imagine toasting to your loved ones as the sky changes colors and dancing under the stars.

Exclusive Setting

Celebrating a yacht event provides you with an intimate and private setting. This offers you and your guests exclusive access to amenities and a unique experience away from a crowded venue.

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exclusive yacht events philippines

Bespoke Packages

Enjoy yacht event packages that can be customized to your specific desires, from gourmet catering, to live music, and onboard entertainment and activities. This also includes a dedicated crew ready to serve you and your guests.

Lasting Memories

With LXV, your yacht event or party becomes a cherished memory and an unforgettable experience that combines luxury and adventure.

luxury yacht events Philippines

How to Plan Your Yacht Event in the Philippines

Step 1 - Define Your Vision

To find the right yacht for your event, consider several important factors first. This includes the destination, theme of the party, dress code, the number of guests you’d like to invite, accommodations and amenities, and the ideal date and time to celebrate.

Consulting with our expert team will help you plan your yacht event faster and more easily.

Step 2 - Book Your Yacht Rental

Once you have selected the right yacht rental for your event, you may now secure a booking. We will require full payment for the boat event and send you the voucher with the details for you and your guests.

Step 3 - Plan the Details

After booking your yacht rental, it’s time to plan your event with the help of our team of specialists.


Invite your guests and inform them of the important details, such as when and where the event will be held. Don’t forget to include the crew members since yachts only offer a limited space. Find a catering service for food and beverages, and hire a DJ or live band.

Step 4 - Finalize

Before the big day, make sure you communicate and discuss with the people participating. This includes the yacht’s captain, the crew, and the performers. Include additional requests to ensure that the entire event goes according to plan.

Step 5 - Enjoy the Yacht Event

Once the event’s overall process is finalized, it’s time to celebrate!

Make sure to arrive on the yacht ahead of your guests. Welcome them aboard, ask the crew to serve them food and drinks, and make them feel entertained and comfortable. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy as well.


LXV has meticulously selected the finest professionals in the Philippines. Join our network and gain access to an exclusive, international clientele in the luxury market.


The best time to celebrate a yacht event varies on the weather conditions and the host’s preferences. For intimate events like sunset cruises, romantic dinners, anniversaries, and weddings, the late afternoon to early evening cruise is the perfect choice. This time is ideal since the sky’s changing colors offer a stunning backdrop, creating a picture-perfect atmosphere for your event.


Meanwhile, the morning cruise offers calm waters and atmosphere, making it ideal for laidback activities like breakfast or brunch cruises.

Celebrating an event on a yacht in the Philippines offers the ultimate luxury and comfort, giving you a unique way to mark special occasions, may it be intimate gatherings or grand parties.


Some special yacht events you can celebrate include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, receptions, and corporate events.

The dry season, which occurs from December to May, provides a more predictable weather, which can be suitable for celebrating your yacht event. However, the months of March to early May are also known for being the driest and warmest months.

Discover Our Yacht Events Packages

Rent the Perfect Boat

Browse our available boat rentals for your private event on our website. Each page includes the location of the boat for rent, which is very important. A boat located in Manila shall not be able to reach Subic or Punta Fuego, and if this is possible, there will be additional fees.

Additionally, the capacity is also important. For example, the boat party capacity will not be the same as a day cruise or overnight cruise. Once you have selected the right boat or package, we can add options such as catering, design, sound system, and anything else you like.

Yacht Event Ideas

Renting a yacht is a unique way to celebrate your private event. May it be a corporate event, birthday, or wedding, renting a boat will make your event unforgettable and luxurious. If you’re interested to know more details, contact us to receive all our event packages.

Day Tours Ideas

The Philippines is the best place to enjoy day tours and yacht activities. From Manila, you will be able to cruise to Bataan, enjoy a fishing trip, sail to Punta Fuego, or even further if you have time. There are also diving trips in Batangas or great islands to visit around Subic.

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