Wharram Tiki 31

Wharram Tiki 31

2 Overnight Guest(s)

Experience Palawan's natural wonders like never before aboard with the captivating Wharram Tiki 31 Catamaran. This extraordinary vessel and luxury yacht rental combines traditional Polynesian design with modern comforts, offering a unique sailing adventure through the pristine waters of Palawan. Choose from our luxury yachts for rent.

As you sail through Palawan's turquoise seas, you'll be greeted by breathtaking limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, and lush greenery. Explore secret coves, snorkel among vibrant coral reefs, and bask in the warm tropical sun from the spacious decks of the Wharram Tiki 31.

With Wharram Tiki 31's elegant simplicity and efficient design, this luxury boat allows you to embrace the true essence of Palawan. Dive into clear waters teeming with marine life, set anchor in secluded bays, and savor the tranquility of this tropical paradise.

Discover the magic of Palawan from a unique perspective on board the Wharram Tiki 31 Catamaran, where every day promises a new adventure and every sunset paints the sky with awe-inspiring hues.


Wharram Tiki 41
1 Cabins


USD 1,350 for 2 persons

What's Included in the Wharram Tiki 31 ?

• Breakfast
• Fuel

Terms and Rules

  • The luxury boat rental is Wharram Tiki 31. So, expect to be exposed to the elements and please come prepared (i.e., sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, raincoat, and mosquito spray).
  • All cruises include full board, including a food on board [breakfast, lunch, and dinner], accommodation, and fuel. You are also welcome to help out with any task on board, such as sailing, deck work, and cooking. However, this is not required and you can totally just enjoy your holiday and let us handle the rest ;)
  • Food preferences and allergies should be discussed as soon as possible after booking to give us enough time to prepare.
  • We have one double cabin available intended for couples. And if you love sleeping under the stars you can also sleep on the luxury yacht's net. However, there is no standing headroom in the cabins. Most of the daily activities, including cooking and eating, happen on deck. Ocean nomad camping style! Of course, you can withdraw to your cabin any time you want.
  • The Wharram Tiki 31 boat's fresh water is limited. So, we expect you to help us manage the luxury boat rental's water supply by being conscious of your consumption, especially for showers. The easiest way to do that is by washing with salt water first and then using fresh water only to rinse. Moreover, the boat has a small fridge. Fresh food is also limited to those supplies that can last.
  • We are doing real-life adventure cruises for people who want to go off the beaten track. So, we expect you to be ready for this. Weather is the way it comes, and nature has its way (mosquitoes, jellyfish, and no cell coverage are some of the realities we have to face).
  • Entrance fees for National Parks and Private Islands are not included but tickets can be arranged for you.
  • We are dedicated to deliver lasting memories of amazing experiences with the Wharram Tiki 31. If there is anything, in particular you want to do or see (i.e., diving, kiting), please talk to us about it and we will do our best to make it happen (time permitting).

If everything feels good, send us a confirmation and we can go ahead and block the calendar for you 😄

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