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Yacht for Rent in Siargao Mindanao

Experience the thrill of discovery in the island’s breathtaking waters With LXV’s yacht for rent in Siargao Mindanao.


Siargao is a paradise for those who seek adventure and serenity. Our yacht rental service offers you to explore this enchanting island at your own pace. You can cruise along the fresh waters, where each turn reveals a new vista of emerald isles and blue seas. 


Our luxury boats, ranging from sailing yacht charters to luxury yacht charters, provide you with a journey customized for you. Indulge in the ultimate sea adventure with LXV’s yacht charter in Siargao. As you sail through the crystal-clear waters, our luxury boats offer you comfort and elegance. Whether you’re looking for a romantic boat rental for two or a grand boat charter for a group escapade, we have the ideal yacht for every need. Our experienced crew is dedicated to offer you with personalized services that cater to your every whim.


Contact us today and prepare to be whisked away on an extraordinary sailing adventure that promises both adventure and tranquility in equal measure.

Our Selection of Luxury Yachts for Rent in Siargao Mindanao

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LXV has meticulously selected the finest professionals in the Philippines. Join our network and gain access to an exclusive, international clientele in the luxury market.


You can fully enjoy a breathtaking sunset cruise right around an hour before sunset which typically falls at 4:30 pm or so.


Keep in mind that you can share this moment with your special someone or family and friends on one of their luxurious yachts while taking in the breathtaking views of the coastline.

Peak season starts right around early March and ends early July, since the Philippines is know for its monsoon season. We wouldn’t want to cruise when it’s down right pouring now, don’t we?

Siargao is a tropical paradise known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant surf culture. Here’s what you can expect when visiting Siargao:

  1. World-Class Surfing: Siargao is hailed as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” and is renowned for its incredible surf breaks, most notably Cloud 9. So, expect powerful waves that attract surfers from around the world, creating a vibrant and energetic surf scene.

  2. Pristine Beaches: Siargao is blessed with picturesque beaches characterized by white sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and palm-fringed shores. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, sunbathing, or beach activities, Siargao’s beaches offer a tranquil and idyllic setting.

  3. Island Hopping: Explore the surrounding islands and islets of Siargao through island hopping tours. Discover hidden lagoons, rock formations, and secluded beaches. Visit Naked Island, Guyam Island, and Daku Island for a day of island adventure.

  4. Enchanting Lagoons and Mangroves: Siargao is home to enchanting lagoons and mangrove forests waiting to be explored. Take a boat tour to Sugba Lagoon and explore its emerald waters, lush surroundings, and vibrant marine life. Discover the beauty of the mangrove forests through kayaking or paddleboarding.

  5. Soothing Waterfalls: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Siargao’s waterfalls. Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters of Taktak and Magpupungko waterfalls, surrounded by lush greenery and tropical landscapes.

  6. Island Vibes and Local Culture: Experience the laid-back island vibes and immerse yourself in the local culture of Siargao. Interact with friendly locals, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and explore the charming villages and markets.

  7. Sunset Chasing: Siargao offers breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky with vibrant hues. Whether you’re at the beach or enjoying a sunset cruise, witnessing the stunning sunset views is a must-do in Siargao.

  8. Island Yoga and Wellness: Siargao is a haven for wellness enthusiasts. Engage in yoga and meditation sessions offered by various resorts and wellness centers. Connect with nature and find inner peace amidst the island’s serene surroundings.

Siargao promises an unforgettable tropical experience, combining adrenaline-pumping surf adventures, breathtaking landscapes, and a laid-back island atmosphere. Whether you’re a surfer, nature lover, or simply seeking a tranquil getaway, Siargao has something for everyone.

You have the option to bring your own food on board, and if desired, inquire with the Skipper about the availability of catering services for food and beverages.

No, you may not bring your pet along with you on the yacht.

Typically, smaller yachts can comfortably accommodate between 6 to 12 guests, while larger luxury yachts may host 12 to 50 guests or more.

It’s also important to note that maritime safety regulations strictly dictate the maximum number of passengers allowed on board, which includes both guests and crew. Therefore, it’s best to consult us first and when planning a yacht event or charter to understand the specific capacity limits of their fleet to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Types of Yachts for Rent in Siargao

Motoryachts For Rent

Experience an extraordinary escape in Palawan with our motoryachts for rent. Relish in privacy, comfort, and freedom as you cruise along the crystal-clear waters and indulge in fine dining.

Catamarans For Rent

Step aboard with our catamarans for rent where luxury meets adventure. Enjoy leisure and thrilling activities like scuba diving in lagoons and sunbathing on the vast decks.

Sailboats For Rent

Relax in the gentle waves and the breathtaking views of Palawan with our sailboats for rent. Bask in your blissful adventure by admiring the ocean's serene beauty.

Speedboats For Rent

Seize the thrill and fast pace of exploring the Philippines with our speedboats for rent. Break free from the ordinary and feel the adrenaline rush at breathtaking speeds.

Liveaboards For Rent

Dive deep into Palawan's ocean and vibrant marine life with our liveaboards for rent. Immerse beneath the waves while ensuring safety and enjoyment.

Bangkas and Expedition Boats for Rent

Travel long distances and discover Palawan's natural wonders with our bangkas and expedition boats for rent. Enjoy island hopping and discovering remote beaches of the island.

Book Your Tour and Activities in Siargao

Yacht for Rent in Siargao

Yacht rental services are available in Siargao, offering a luxurious and exclusive way to explore the beauty of the island and its surrounding waters. Renting a yacht in Siargao allows you to embark on a memorable journey, such as cruising along the coastlines, visiting pristine beaches, and discovering hidden gems in style and comfort.

Luxury Yacht Charters in Siargao

Luxury yacht charters are also available in Siargao, providing a premium and sophisticated experience for exploring the island and its surrounding waters. 


With a luxury yacht charter in Siargao, you can indulge in the ultimate level of comfort and elegance while enjoying breathtaking views, pristine beaches, and exclusive access to remote locations. Whether you desire a relaxing cruise, thrilling water sports activities, or a customized itinerary, a luxury yacht charter in Siargao promises an unforgettable journey in paradise.

Top Destinations for Cruising in Siargao

Siargao offers a multitude of stunning destinations for cruising and exploring aboard a yacht. Here are some of the top destinations to consider:

  • Sugba Lagoon
  • Guyam Island
  • Daku Island
  • Sohoton Cove
  • Magpupungko Rock Pools
  • Cloud 9


These destinations showcase the natural wonders of Siargao and provide a perfect backdrop for a luxurious yacht cruising experience.

Luxury Yacht Activities in Siargao

Siargao offers a range of luxury yacht activities that cater to the discerning traveler. Here are some activities you can enjoy aboard a luxury yacht in Siargao:

  • Island-hopping
  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Fishing excursions
  • Sunset cruises
  • Water sports
  • On-board dining and relaxation

These luxury yacht activities in Siargao offer the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and indulgence, allowing you to create unforgettable memories in this tropical paradise.

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