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Yachts for Rent Subic

Explore our best yacht for rent in Subic. Cruise one of our

  • Motor yachts
  • Luxury yachts
  • Speedboats
  • Catamarans
  • Sailboats 

And sail to the destination of our choice. Whether you want to rent a boat in Subic for a day tour, a yacht sunset cruise, or a multiple-day yacht charter, we will provide you with the best yacht rental price to enjoy an unforgettable experience. 

You can also cruise from Manila to Subic with 4 hours of sailing or a 2 hour-cruise depending on the boat’s speed that you will rent.

Located 2 hours from Manila, Subic is one of the locations in the Philippines with the largest choice of yacht rental and easiest access.

You can also cruise our yachts from Subic to any yachting destination in the Philippines, such as Palawan or Boracay, and enjoy a perfect cruising vacation.

Subic is also the perfect place for yacht weddings and corporate yacht events. Explore our packages on The Luxe Guide


TOP 10 Yachts for rent in Cebu & Mactan


Princess Flybridge 85


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Before Renting a Boat in Subic

Should you become interested in booking our luxurious yachts, you can send us a message via our Email Address. Once we have received your inquiry, we will do our best to accommodate you right away.

The best period to rent a yacht? All year long! Whatever the season or month is, you’ll surely enjoy cruising and partying on a yacht as you explore the beautiful islands of the Philippines! 

The Philippines has some of the most beautiful island destinations in the world. Hire our yacht rentals, and set sail across various tourist destinations, making your cruising experience memorable. 

Latest yacht Rental News

Where to Cruise Around Subic

Grande Island Yacht Tour

The Grande Island is a beautiful island in Subic near various tourist destination spots you should check out. Hire our yacht rentals and journey across this magnificent location.

Zambales Yacht Rental

Cross over Subic and visit Zambales, home to various beautiful beaches ideal for friends and families.

Types of Yacht Experiences in the Philippines

Yacht Charter Subic

Enjoy the perfect yacht charter rental in Subic as you cruise around this tourist destination while renting one of our motor yachts. Reach beautiful islands, such as Zambales, Manila, or Palawan.

Yacht Wedding Subic

Experience the wedding of your dreams as you avail of our yacht wedding packages in Subic. Choose your chosen chartered yacht and have an unforgettable wedding night with your friends and family.

Yacht Romantic Dinner Subic

Experience the most romantic sunset cruises and private dinner in Subic. We also offer precious yacht wedding proposal services.

Yacht Fishing Experiences Subic

If you are looking for a yacht fishing experience, Subic is the perfect location. Cruise with professional fishermen and catch tunas and other fishes from one of our rented boats in Subic. 

Day Tours Subic

Enjoy the perfect yacht day tour only two hours from Manila. Rent a yacht and cruise to Grande Island, Silanguin island, or the coves of Zambales. 

Types of Yacht for Rent in Subic

SuperYacht for Rent Subic

Charter a motor yacht in Subic and enjoy a private cruise onboard one of our superyachts, motor yachts, or speedboats. Charter the motor yacht for your dream to any destination in Subic.

Speedboat for Rent Subic

Rent a speedboat in Subic and cruise to any destination in no time. Three hours cruising from Manila. Our speedboats combine elegance and comfort as you reach your dream islands.

Catamarans for Rent Subic

Choose one of our sailing catamarans for rent in Subic, and enjoy the perfect cruise or yachting day tour. Rent the perfect catamaran with your friends, family, or for your corporate events. 

Sailboat for Rent Subic

Enjoy a sailing experience in style when you rent one of our sailboats in Subic. Ride the sailboat of your dreams and cruise around Subic Bay.



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